Kira is a 5 year old Akita; she has recently been placed into rescue with extreme reluctance by her owner Warren.

Warren is in the Army and has been posted to Germany for an extended tour of duty. As is the case with many of the dogs that come into the care of MBF, Kira has some issues which Warren’s wife and family do not feel they can manage whist Warren is away.

Although we have found Kira to be very friendly with ourselves and the kennel staff, she has, however in the past shown aggression toward toddlers, but is fine with older children, also she has shown possessiveness around food.

As I have said Kira is very friendly with ourselves but somewhat headstrong and is certainly in need of training and settling down which is of course MBF’s forte and we are carrying on further assessment, training and behavioural input, so as to give her the best chance of finding a permanent new home.