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Developing a strong bond with your dog is the foundation for all future training.

Remember a dog can not ask questions, words have no meaning to a dog, until you combine them with a physical action.

Efficient and well timed correction will effectively limit the amount of correction needed in the long term. As important, if not        more important, is the need for well timed praise and reward.

Be sure you know exactly what you require from your dog, and how it should be achieved.

Never try and teach your dog anything, until you yourself have a thorough knowledge of how to teach it, and have a clear        mental picture of each stage. If in doubt, do not attempt the training exercise.

Always finish a training period on a good note.

The duration and frequency of training sessions should be tailored to your dog's level of concentration, to prevent boredom, and        to ensure you finish on a high note.

Never carry out correction or chastise your dog out of frustration or anger.

Above all be firm, fair and always kind to your dog