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Avoid trying early recalls when your dog is off the lead, as he or she can choose to ignore the command and may not, even at this point understand what you require.

Always begin initial recall exercises from the end of a short lead (approx 4ft). So that you are guaranteed to get a response from your dog.  Understand that gaining your dog's immediate attention and response on command, regardless of distractions is crucial to effective recall training.

Tugging the lead to bring your dog's head round to face you in combination with your recall command, will after some repetition, create a conditioned response to the command. Ensuring you gain your dogs attention on command immediately.

Give immediate praise the instant your dog's attention is upon you. This will motivate your dog away from the point where he or she has received the tug on the lead and towards you.

Carry out the above sequence in and around as many different distractions as possible. Call your dog away from and back to you from a variety or situations e.g. from other dogs, people etc. always use a short lead to begin with.

Observe your dog closely as he or she is returning to you if they try to veer off or become distracted repeat your combined command and tug. Praise immediately that you have your dog's attention again.

Increase the distance your dog travels back to you by walking backwards away from him or her as they are coming towards you, praising and encouraging all the time until they reach you.

Gradually lengthen your line to approximately 30ft, carrying out the same exercises at an extended distance.

Recognise when your dog is responding on command, without a tug 99% of the time.  You are now ready to trail the lead behind the dog.

Always make sure the lead is within easy reach, so if necessary you can take control of the dog and reinforce any command that has been ignored.

Advance to the next stage, by allowing the dog to trail a short line, so the dog feels less weight and the physical connection is decreased.

Remove the short line ONLY when you are absolutely certain that your dog is responding 100% of the time.