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How Dog's come to Man's Best Friend
Dogs who find themselves under the care of Man's Best Friend come to the association via many different routes, these being advertising, word of mouth or via contact made to take advantage of the wide range of professional services Man's Best Friend has to offer.

Comprehensive Information
Upon inducting a dog into the association's rescue and re-homing process, great pains are taken to obtain as much information as is available about each dog. Detailed forms are completed outlining the history, current status and any specific or relevant details that are applicable. Armed with this information, steps are taken to ease each dog into the rescue process as easily as possible.

Settling in Period
A settling in period where diet and any veterinary requirements are taken care of is allowed according to the individual requirements of each dog. During this time, close observation takes place with a view to formulating an individual training programme and behaviour modification plan if required.

Along with the initial information we obtain, coupled with our own observations and assessment, a training and behavioural programme is undertaken, tailored to meet each dog's individual requirements.

Whilst training is being undertaken, it is ascertained as to where each dog would be happiest and most fulfilled. With this in mind steps are taken to find the appropriate new home best suited to each individual rescue dog. When a potential new home is located a comprehensive and gradual re-homing process is undertaken.

Each potential owner is given in depth training and is simultaneously assessed for compatibility with the dog they are adopting. This is a thorough undertaking and can take several weeks, so a high level of commitment is required from each potential owner of a Man's Best Friend dog.

Once the re-homing is completed, a comprehensive back-up service is always available for all of our dogs and their new owners. The time it takes to re-home a dog can vary from several weeks to several months depending on each individual dog's needs.  A nominal fee is charged, however this does not truly reflect the actual time, cost and effort undertaken to re-home a dog.

We are only able to carry out our work because of the
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