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Kim, who is the rescue, training and re-homing co-ordinator for the rescue dogs at Man's Best Friend, has been working with dogs since she joined the RAF, in June 1977. Kim had always wanted to work with dogs, and found that the ideal job for her was with the Royal Air Force Police Dog Training School, based at RAF Newton, Nottingham which was where Kim & Chaz met.

Whilst at RAF Newton, Kim had experienced the practical and academic side of kennel management, nutrition, animal welfare, dog handling, training, behaviour and the veterinary aspect of all the dogs in her care.

During her time in the RAF, Kim handled a vast amount of dogs, and a variety of different breeds, she attended many classes on dog behaviour and psychology.

Since leaving the RAF, Kim has had over 30 years of experience in training dogs for obedience competition and Agility, and has more recently helped in the rescue, training and re-homing of Man's Best Friend rescue dogs, which also includes training of new prospective owners. Kim has also been working as a nurse at the Vicarage Veterinary Centre in Saxilby, Lincoln and previously in the Collingham Veterinary Practise for over 12 years.

Kim runs the Man's Best Friend Fun Agility Classes, held at Cathedral View Kennels, Horncastle Lane, Scampton, Lincoln LN1 2SZ on Sunday's.  She is also the chief instructor for the MBF Agility Display Team with its 10 handlers and dogs, giving displays at various shows around the county.