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As a professional trainer I have worked with a countless number of people and their dogs over the years.  Many of those attending training are owners of dogs that have been adopted through rescue societies.

In just about all of these cases, it has become clear that the behavioural problems now being endured by the dogs new owner, were a large part as to why many of the dogs wound up in a rescue situation in the first place.

Many, many more dogs from rescue homes, who do a marvellous job in caring for and re-homing these dogs, unfortunately find themselves returned because the new owner is unable to cope and is unable or unwilling to seek professional help to remedy their problems. Hence the founding of Man's Best Friend Rescue and Training Association.

The association brings with it over 30 years of Professional experience in Dog Training,  Behaviour Modification, Dog Psychology, Canine Care, The Instruction and Tuition of Owners/Handlers - ranging from Training of Drug and Firearms Detection Dogs to General Control and Obedience. As well as Behaviour Modification for Family Pets.

Chief Instructor & Founder