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My dog is aggressive towards other dogs

The problem of aggressive behaviour towards other dogs can be very distressing. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as your dog being attacked in the past by another dog, therefore becoming defensive. Or it may simply be your dog has a very strong territorial instinctive drive.

Whatever the reason for your dogs reaction to other dogs it is something that needs to be dealt with.

There are a number of methods and approaches that can be employed to help remedy this problem. The best course of action with this type of problem would be to seek professional help from a qualified dog trainer/behaviourist.

The one thing that you should bear in mind, particularly with this problem, but also with most others is that it is often the balance of your relationship with your dog that needs to be looked at and worked upon.

There are myriad's of methods with regard to training and behaviour modification that can be utilised, but you are the one constant thing in your dog's life. As such with a properly balanced relationship you can be a filter or a catalyst for his or her responses in general. For any training to be successful you must have an established hierarchy with you firmly at the top. This is doubly important in the case of aggressive behaviour, as this is very often a strong display of dominance by your dog.

My dog won't come back to me when off the lead

It is wise from the outset to embark on a systematic training regime with regard to the re-call.

One of the most effective approaches is by training your dog to return to you from the end of a line from a variety of situations and distractions, gradually lengthening the line then allowing it to trail along the ground. When the dog is returning on voice command from a variety of situations and distractions, it may well be time to gradually reduce the weight and length of the trailing line, gradually removing it altogether.

Even though using this system establishes off the lead control, always be prepared to retrace your steps if your control appears to be diminishing.

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My dog chews and causes damage

The most expedient cure for a dog that chews is restriction. If a dog cannot get at the things you do not wish him to chew then your problem is solved.

The use of an indoor kennel is ideal for this. If you are unable to supervise a dog that chews, pop him or her into the kennel, accompanied with objects they are allowed to chew.  Eventually most dogs will get into the habit of chewing the type of objects you select for them.

Not only is this the quickest way to solve your problem, and protect your property, but more importantly it ensures the immediate safety of your dog from chewing anything that could be harmful. More gradual training approaches can also be employed to stop chewing behaviour but they will not have the immediacy of restriction.